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Below you will find everything you need to know about hosting a screening of The Pickup Game. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Host a Screening

Screening the film and educate your community to the potential dangers of the pickup industry.

Your Community

Screen the documentary to your local community and get them involved with the aid of our education pack.

Plan & Promote

Book a screening in advance to give you enough time to promote the screening date to your community.

Host a Screening Now

Bring the documentary to educate your community.

Frequently asked questions

A community screening is a private showing of the documentary to an organization, university, conference or company.
The Pickup Game documentary is embarking on a community screening tour to educate and activate individuals to get involved with the critical issues raised in the documentary. We expose the dangers related to the teachings and mindset of this subculture and explain why it is problematic. Our aim is to help educate people and bring about awareness of the dangers of getting involved in this lifestyle. It is also to encourage open discussion and debate around the issues.
If you are interested in hosting an event for your community, please fill out the ‘Host a Screening’ form letting us know a bit more about who you are and what type of screenings you’re interested in hosting. We will get back to you directly. There are several different types of screening packages available. Screenings require a public performance license to be purchased. The cost of the license is dependent on the type of screening you are looking to host.

i. Corporations & Conferences: For all businesses, conferences and groups which are not educational institutions or non-profits.

ii. College/University: This license is for all higher educational institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, graduate schools, advanced degree programs, and medical schools.

iii. Community Group: This license is for all nonprofit community organizations to show the film to any kind of public or private gathering that’s not a school, library, or educational institution.

iv. K-12/Public Library: This license is for public libraries and K-12 schools.

v. DVD & Blu-Ray: These are currently not available but you are able to pre-order these in readiness for when they are available.

vi. Online Streaming: The Pickup Game documentary will be available on the “Starz” network and video on demand platforms later in the year. For the moment, the only way to view the film is at a festival or through booking a screening. Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of this progress regarding general release.

The filmmakers would love to attend your event! When filling out the Host a Screening form please ensure that you check the box and we will send you over the Speaking Engagements document. If the filmmakers or contributors are unable to attend you can also arrange for a Skype dial in Q&A.

Depending on the type of event you wish to hold and the number of times you wish to screen the documentary the license required will be different. We suggest that you fill out the Hold a Screening form and let us know your requirements and we will tailor the license to suit your needs.

The filmmakers encourage post screening discussions and have several different kits available: – University Educator & Discussion Guide – High School Educator & Discussion Guide – Screening Kit (poster artwork, supplemental images, press kit, etc) – Action Kit with materials and resources Please select the relevant kit when completing Host a Screening form.
The total running time of The Pickup Game, including credits, is 97 minutes. The documentary was shot in 4K UHD on the RED Dragon and Sony FS7. It has been mastered in 4K with a 5.1 surround mix and is ready for delivery as 4K or HD in a Digital Cinema Package.

The Pickup Game is closed captioned, but not audio described. It also has English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired.

No. There currently isn’t a versions of The Pickup Game subtitled or dubbed into any language other than English. If you would like to register your interest using the contact us form and the language you are looking for becomes available we will be happy to let you know.
Depending on your requirements and organisation we customize screening licenses according to event size, location and fees to set up the appropriate license. Filmmaker and contributor speaking appearances are also subject to a fee to compensate the speakers for their time, travel and accommodation. Please let us know your event details and budget, and we can check availability.
You may charge a ticket price of your choosing for people to attend the screening to help towards your cost for licensing. We would request that any profits from this be donated to charity.
We encourage you to ask for donations at your screening to support your organization’s work or a related cause.
When you book your screenings, we will send you the digital publicity resources that you can use to promote it! This ‘PR packet’ includes a press kit, a local media announcement template, poster graphics, stills from the film and speaker stills. We recommend that you book in advance of your screening to enable you enough time to promote the event prior to screening.

Please contact us with your additional queries. 

Fill out the Host a Screening form and the filmmakers will contact you directly to discuss the cost associated to this along with any other questions you might have.

FAQ section is updated regularly with frequently asked question sent through our contact us page

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