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"At a time when sexual harassment is a huge part of the current social conversation, THE PICKUP GAME shines a light on this hidden world and jump-starts a discussion about the dangers of this industry”
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Dating and Self Development coach Minnie Lane talks about the origins of the pickup industry, all the way back in the 1980s. Now worth almost a billion dollars, the pickup business as it is known today actually started over 30 years ago and largely as the result of just one man: Ross Jeffries

US Congress

US Congresswoman Jacqueline Speier shares her views the pervasiveness of the pickup industry and the dangers of some of the attitudes promoted by this subculture.


Paul Janka, once a big name in the pickup industry, turned his back on the lifestyle and a million-dollar pickup dating business to get married. Here he discusses his experiences of living in New York City and operating as a pickup artist

Television appearance:
Your Morning

Pulling back the curtain of the pickup industry. Contributor Minnie Lane and the filmmakers appear on Canadian TV show Your Morning.

Television appearance:
The Social

Following on from the World Premiere at Toronto’s HotDocs film festival Minnie Lane discusses “The Pickup Game” on The Social.

Television appearance:
The Marilyn Denis Show (Part 1)

Minnie Lane appears on the Marilyn Denis Show to talk about the issues raised in the documentary and the complexities of dating in the modern world.

Television appearance:
The Marilyn Denis Show (Part 2)

Minnie Lane outlines some helpful ideas for first dates, including “Don’t treat your first date like an interview”. She also highlights issues with some of the methods promoted by the pickup industry.

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