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The press kit contains everything you’ll need to cover the documentary and its content.

The treatment covers the bare essentials discussed in the documentary.

The filmmakers have made the poster and stills from the film available for download.

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Below you will find some of the press and audience reviews of the film.


DOC NYC 2019: 10 Under-the-Radar Documentaries to See at This Year’s Festival

Vents Magazine

“The Pickup Game” – The documentary every woman needs to see.

Pickup artists use mind games, trickery, and deception to sleep with women.

Movie Moves Me

Its concept is crying, damning, and too brutal. But it uncovers the reality we live in.

SK On Movies

Dive headfirst into the world pickup artists and the billion dollar seduction industry.

‘The Pickup Game’ Goes Inside the Sleazy World of Men Who Try to Manipulate Women into Bed


“Crying, damning and brutal. But it uncovers the reality we live in”
Movie Moves Me
Movie Moves Me
Magazine Review
“Shocking, disturbing, frightening and utterly compelling”
Movie Moves Me
Jane's Film Reviews
Film Review
“An extraordinary film; fantastic, honest and raw”
Movie Moves Me
Alexandra Chicago
“Everything you wanted to know about the seduction industry but were afraid to ask”
Toronto Sun
“Audience member gets it right: it’s FIGHT CLUB meets SCIENTOLOGY”
Festival Review
“An unprecedented view into the world of pick- up artists”
She Does the City
She Does The City
Online Review
“The documentary EVERY WOMAN needs to see”
Vents Magazine
Vents Magazine
Magazine Review

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