Four years in the making and the result of a global, coordinated shoot across multiple countries, THE PICKUP GAME cracks open a worldwide, underground subculture that many people know in passing but few understand.

With hereto unprecedented access to the biggest and most controversial names in the industry, it goes behind the scenes to explore the motivations of people that get involved in this pervasive subculture, the techniques they employ to ‘seduce’ women and the near fanatical following many of the instructors build.

The film also looks at just how these instructors use social media to turn themselves and their businesses into global multi-million dollar brands.

The issue of consent and acceptable behavior in dating is very much at the forefront of many discussions in the media and general public nowadays. With this in mind, the film aims to spark a conversation around the potential dangers of the pickup ideology and lifestyle; both to the women that become victims of it and the lonely students that fall prey to its darker side.

IMAGE: Barcelona Bootcamp
What is a bootcamp
Expose of the pickup industry

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