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Dating is hard. For all but an extremely lucky few the process of finding a mate is tricky and fraught with frustrations and disappointments.

For some, it seems like an insurmountable challenge where they do everything “right” and still come away alone.

Experienced often enough, this lonely status has a limited range of emotions; notably anger, irritation, sadness and despair. It leaves a person vulnerable and susceptible to anything which may appear to offer hope.

THE PICKUP GAME examines how shy, unconfident men who could perhaps benefit from a few pointers in their dating lives become seduced and corrupted by the “pickup” industry through the promise of a dating life beyond their wildest dreams.

It lays bare the techniques and strategies employed by the pickup industry on women as well as the dehumanising attitudes and horrific consequences of some of those attitudes.

This is a classic example of how someone can become morally corrupted by what appears to be an alluring ideology that speaks to their frustrations.

Simultaneously, it exposes how the instructors, intoxicated by the adulation and financial gain of building an army of followers, ruthlessly exploit the student’s need for love and belonging.

The result is a cult-like environment with its own warped perspective on the world that has a very real impact outside the subculture.

THE PICKUP GAME also examines the humanitarian cost of those consumed by the industry. Not just to the women who becomes objectified and mistreated but also to the students who lose their entire sense of self inside the pickup ecochamber.

Ultimately however, out of all this darkness, there is a message of hope. Specifically that, in reality, even the social awkward and clumsy are much more attractive than they realize and as difficult as it can sometimes be, being honest and authentic is in and of itself very attractive. It is this that people should aim for.

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